Team Alignment

How do we get individuals, teams and the organisation aligned around a clear and inspiring purpose and vision? The Pacific Institute’s® Blueprint tool provides a structured framework that enables executive teams to better understand and resolve recurring business issues whilst creating alignment to the organisation’s vision and goals.

How does it work?

The process can be tailored in many different ways and usually includes:

  • Being clear and committed on how people want to work together, including the collective leadership impact measures from the coaching process and the desired behaviours from the culture measurement.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the team’s purpose, including what uniquely makes them a partner of choice.
  • Clarifying who their stakeholders are and exploring their needs with them – currently and for the future.
  • Developing an inspiring and engaging definition of success for the team.
  • Taking accountability at the relevant organisational levels for achieving the desired outcomes.
  • Embedding Investment in Excellence® concepts in teams resulting in a Blueprint team plan that evolves and provides a framework and alignment process for the continuing work, within and between teams.

What can you expect?

The result is a more committed, productive and customer-focused leadership, with improved team-work, where both individuals and teams are more aligned with organisational goals and results are significant and measurable.

The structure is 2 days for Phase One and 2 days for Phase Two. The TPI consultant spends 45-60 minutes with each participant before phase 1 to prepare each team member. This also assists in understanding the team and organisation context and aids the tailoring of the process to address organisation needs.

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The Manchester College

An organisational performance improvement model implemented within one of the largest FE colleges in the UK

“We recognised the need to focus on our individual managers as they are at the heart of the change and growth process. We chose The Pacific Institute® because of its person-centred approach to leadership development, a method it had developed to support teams and gain organisational results.”

Lesley Smith, CEO, Leeds North West PCT

"We have put all the Head office staff through the TPI process both as part of the personal growth and development plan for each employee and the company has benefited from having the whole team working together more effectively and efficiently. We are now all pulling together and going in the same direction."

Shaun Thomson, UK CEO, Sandler Training

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