Growing up is full of challenges, contradictions, pressures and opportunities. It has always been this way, but these days, everything seems to be on a much larger scale. Positive, productive role models for young people are harder to find. Career choices are no longer simple. And the critical thinking skills necessary to making the best career choices are not always taught in school. PX2® is The Pacific Institute’s® main programme for young people aged 14 - 19 years which builds on the core curriculum and presents this in a way that finds resonance with that target audience.

How does it work?

The programme has 12 units and is delivered by a Pacific Institute® qualified facilitator using short video bursts, group activity, discussion and personal reflection. The content is vibrant and colourful with a music video “feel”, incorporating animation, graphics and music.

What can you expect?

Studies have shown that with no goals of our own, we become susceptible to the loudest voice around us – whether it’s good for us or not. PX2® teaches the art and science of goal-setting, combined with a thorough understanding of just how we think, so that our young people come away with self-confidence, self-esteem and a strong ethical centre. It is one thing to know “the right thing,” it’s quite another to have the confidence to act on it.  As parents or guardians, we are constantly on the look-out for negative influences in the lives of our children. The challenge is to build strength of character, and strong self-belief, so that young people can stand up against these influences and maintain confidence in their own decisions.

PX2® is a life-changing experience, promoting positive communication, building stronger relationships and equipping individuals with effective thinking skills that act as a springboard to a successful future. The programme can be delivered very flexibly according to the needs of the group/organisation.

Evaluation data completed by participants indicates an 88% recommendation response to the programme.

Programme Accreditation

PX2® is a recognised learning route for the Level 2 Award in Developing Effective Thinking Skills (QCF) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and is credited and levelled by SCQF at level 5 in Scotland, through the awarding body NCFE.

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Cumbernauld College - 'Be All You Can Be' project

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the PX2® programme as part of Cumbernauld College's 'Be All You Can Be' partnership initiative


The Manchester College

An organisational performance improvement model implemented within one of the largest FE colleges in the UK

"The Pacific Institute® materials to me are very, very sound from a psychological perspective. What excites me about PX2® is that the materials have really been brought up to date. It's exciting and is using approaches, technology and style which can be really appealing to young people."

Dr. Elizabeth Hannah, Educational Psychologist, University of Dundee

"Our work with The Pacific Institute® has been a journey that's been the most productive I have ever encountered in any management change activity."

Peter Tavernor, Principal, The Manchester College

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