Cultural Alignment℠

The Pacific Institute’s® Cultural Alignment℠ process utilises a researched and benchmarked Culture measurement tool, to provide an easily understandable and measurable picture of how stakeholders view the current culture and how they would like the culture to be. The process is simple and easy to administer, comprising of on-line confidential questionnaires and it is carried out before we start work.

How does it work?

Measures behaviour at all levels of the business.

  • In addition to an overall measure of the organisation’s culture it provides an opportunity for subgroups to be identified and measured.
  • Gives an opportunity for dialogue about culture, values and behaviour.
  • Establishes engagement at a root cause level, a necessity for change.
  • Evidences the need for  personal, leadership and team alignment processes.
  • Re-measures the culture transformation at a future point for comparison and reflection.

The Cultural Alignment℠ results are fed back to the leadership team at an early stage, reinforced during Investment in Excellence® Phase Two if possible, and incorporated into the Blueprint, Team Alignment process.

What can you expect?

A study by Kotter and Heskett of 207 top firms over an 11-year period demonstrates the impact of culture on performance. The performance differences between a Constructive or Adaptive Culture and a Defensive or Unadaptive Culture was staggering on the key areas of Revenue, Share Price and Net Income over the period, as the following diagram shows.

This study supports the case for wanting a constructive culture. The Pacific Institute’s® track record shows that its processes, when systemically applied, cause organisations and communities to become more constructive or adaptive.

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Lean Management Journal Nov/Dec 2010

Article detailing the dynamics of organisational cultures, their influence on bottom line results and the role of leadership in building constructive lean cultures


The RSA Academy

Implementing The Pacific Institute's® professional development model with a new academy in Tipton

“Having been persuaded to conduct a Cultural Alignment ℠ survey, we then saw the benefits in going through that process because the outputs from that were very measurable benchmarks. The outputs from the survey were used to create affirmation style goals and priority actions in our 2010 Operational Plan.”

Margaret Maclean, Organisational Development Director, The Wise Group

"TPI UK have leveraged their own constructive culture to help the their clients to achieve extraordinary results."

Michael O’Brien, President, Star Performance Group

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