Lean Management Journal Nov/Dec 2010

Pauline Found, co-author of Staying Lean: thriving not just surviving investigates with Michael J. O’Brien of Star Performance Group and Lynne Oliver of The Pacific Institute, the dynamics of organisational cultures, their influence on bottom line results and the role of leadership in building constructive lean cultures.

Solutions Used

Cumbernauld College – ‘Be All You Can Be’ project

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the PX2® programme as part of Cumbernauld College's 'Be All You Can Be' partnership initiative with East Dunbartonshire Council Psychological Service, the Volunteer Centres in East Dunbartonshire and North Lanarkshire, University of Dundee, Forward Training and the Pacific Institute. The initiative is aimed at reducing barriers for young people in accessing valuable learning opportunities

Solutions Used

Oldham Children’s Fund Evaluation of STEPS®.

The evaluation sought to assess whether the STEPS® programme met OCF’s aims to increase parents’ self-esteem and self-confidence and to encourage them to set goals around personal development, plans for their futures and consider their career goals and options, whilst also improving parents' relationships with their children.

Solutions Used

HMP Cardiff STEPS® course evaluation

A psychometric evaluation carried out with offender learners who had successfully completed the STEPS® programmes at HMP Cardiff. Information was gathered before and after the course on and contrasted in four areas; Self Efficacy, Self Esteem, Locus of Control and Motivation.

Solutions Used

The Effectiveness of STEPS® in Primary Care

An evaluation of the impact of the STEPS® programme on mental health and self esteem with primary care patients was carried out as part of a master's thesis by Demelza Foreman for the University of Southampton.

Solutions Used


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