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The Pacific Institute® works with private sector organisations who are determined to maximise their own potential and generate results whilst reducing costs and overheads. These organisations see the value in creating work environments where people strive to achieve and know they are valued, but are also determined to see a return on the investments that they make. We assist business leaders in communicating their vision in a way that inspires their staff and helps build constructive “can do” cultures where nothing seems impossible.

What we offer

  • Expertise in providing solutions for teams and individuals that complement business processes.
  • 30 years experience in transforming organisational cultures and leadership impact.
  • Measurable results that satisfy clear business objectives.
  • An extensive, robust offering that can be tailored to individual organisational needs. TPI’s main areas of focus include individuals, leaders, teams and a whole organisation approach.
  • A scalable, cost effective and sustainable model, which can be rolled out to all levels of the organisation through the development of internal facilitators.

Organisational culture is typically surveyed at the start of any project to establish a clear understanding of the current business, what its vision is for the future, and which behaviours need to be reduced or increased to achieve the desired culture. Once  this has been completed, it is recommended that the leadership team experience our Investment in Excellence® programme  as their own drive for change will determine the success of any transformation model. Investment in Excellence® is validated by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). Leaders also have the opportunity to undergo our Leadership Alignment℠ and coaching process to truly understand the impact of their leadership. TPI’s Team Alignment process provides a structured framework that enables executive teams to better understand and resolve recurring business issues whilst creating alignment to its vision and goals. Further culture surveys are undertaken at regular intervals to measure improvement.

The Pacific Institute® welcomes the opportunity to engage with organisations who are serious about ascending to a new level.


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Cultural Alignment℠


Measuring and developing constructive organisational cultures.

Investment In Excellence®


The Pacific Institute’s® flagship programme for professionals.

Leadership Alignment℠


A powerful behavioural change model, which develops a constructive leadership impact.



Raising the aspirations of young people aged 14 - 19 years.



Solutions for individuals, communities and front-line staff.

Team Alignment


The Pacific Institute’s® alignment process for use with executive teams.

“Working with TPI is incredibly exciting. LERC and TPI together will be developing a full suite of approaches to complement the Lean (and Lean and Green) tools to guide organisations to implement a sustainable lean transformation.”

Dr Pauline Found FIOM, Senior Research Associate, Lean Enterprise Research Centre, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

“Faced with creating a compelling vision and a change agenda for our European Organisation, we commissioned a piece of work with the Pacific Institute®. The end result was an aligned and excited Leadership team that flowed through to a focused organisation and ultimately resulted in our European Region exceeding our Objectives last year. We achieved significant cultural and commercial value from working with the team at The Pacific Institute® and had a lot of fun doing it.”

Chris Meyers, General Manger, Air New Zealand (UK/Europe)

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