Criminal Justice

The Pacific Institute® partners with a number of organisations and institutions responsible for delivering offender education. These bodies are committed to raising the standard of support available to offenders, whether they be in young offender institutions or mainstream prisons, to assist with the process of rehabilitation and the reduction of reoffending. Their stakeholders are often locked in to negative lifestyles and destructive ways of thinking, have little accountability and very low motivation to change, which often results in a vicious circle of further imprisonment. The Pacific Institute® curriculum is particularly effective at helping to change mindsets with positive results.

What we offer:

  • Nationally accredited personal development programmes that significantly impact individual thinking and behaviour.
  • A curriculum that explores and improves personal aspects of self-esteem, attitudes, habits, morale, motivation, goal setting and accountability of offenders including those with addiction and additional challenges.
  • Flexible delivery methods that complement existing education schemes.
  • Facilitators can be trained within client organisations or institutions to continue the rollout of learning.
  • A range of solutions that can be integrated within the organisations themselves for leaders and frontline staff. Culture transformation provides  a platform for engagement within the organisations as well as with the offender population.

There is a wealth of evidence that demonstrates how effective this curriculum is with individuals, and experience has shown the sustainable impact on mindsets, motivation and aspiration. More and more education providers, prison bodies and policing structures have begun to adopt and implement the models for personal development and culture transformation within their own organisations, with outstanding results. TPI looks forward to working with more stakeholders in this sector.

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Cultural Alignment℠


Measuring and developing constructive organisational cultures.

Investment In Excellence®


The Pacific Institute’s® flagship programme for professionals.

Leadership Alignment℠


A powerful behavioural change model, which develops a constructive leadership impact.



Raising the aspirations of young people aged 14 - 19 years.



Solutions for individuals, communities and front-line staff.

Team Alignment


The Pacific Institute’s® alignment process for use with executive teams.

“Working with The Pacific Institute® has been inspirational, providing myself and my Senior Leadership Team with a new focus and direction built around a self belief that we can improve individually and collectively as a team.”

Gerry Donnellan, Divisional Commander, 'A Division', Greater Manchester Police

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