Community Regeneration

The Pacific Institute® works with organisations that are highly committed to making a real difference in the lives of their clients, communities and their cities. But they often find that they are dealing with deep-seated beliefs that nothing will change; there is often a sense of hopelessness and a loss of aspiration. These factors then impact on the sense of enterprise, ambition and vibrancy that the communities and cities are seeking.

What we offer

  • A tailored portfolio of accredited solutions for young people, adults and professionals that is effective regardless of ability level or age.
  • A unique support model which can enable whole communities and, in some cases, a whole city approach to raising aspirations, self-belief and ambition.
  • An inclusive approach that generates a momentum of optimism.
  • A partnership approach that unites professionals and clients with a common language around goal-setting, self-esteem and a shared ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Examples of health, education and third sector agencies applying TPI’s tools collaboratively with families, children and young people to achieve positive well-being and achievement.
  • Tools to address the attitudes, habits and hopelessness that impede interventions to combat unemployment.
  • Public and third sector organisations find our programmes offer that missing link, the ‘attitudinal piece’ in their complex work in addiction services, criminal justice and inclusion in a motivating, inspiring and uplifting way.
  • A capacity-building process that transfers skills to organisations and communities through our highly regarded process of facilitator training. Organisations are able to facilitate our programmes themselves, enabling more effective integration. This empowers staff and communities and builds sustainability.
  • Accredited programmes, which carry academic value and may attract funding opportunities.

In the dynamic and exciting area of social enterprise, organisations themselves are looking to apply our corporate model of culture change and performance. Leaders want their enterprises to be ambitious, goal-orientated with a celebratory environment for staff and clients. They want their teams aligned to the goal, purpose and values they embody and to have the resilience to overcome setbacks. They see TPI providing this approach in the corporate world and in large institutions and want to draw on that for themselves.

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Cultural Alignment℠


Measuring and developing constructive organisational cultures.

Investment In Excellence®


The Pacific Institute’s® flagship programme for professionals.

Leadership Alignment℠


A powerful behavioural change model, which develops a constructive leadership impact.



Raising the aspirations of young people aged 14 - 19 years.



Solutions for individuals, communities and front-line staff.

Team Alignment


The Pacific Institute’s® alignment process for use with executive teams.

“Having been persuaded to conduct a Cultural Alignment ℠ survey, we then saw the benefits in going through that process because the outputs from that were very measurable benchmarks. The outputs from the survey were used to create affirmation style goals and priority actions in our 2010 Operational Plan.”

Margaret Maclean, Organisational Development Director, The Wise Group

"I feel that the values of The Pacific Institute® and those of the GDA fit very well and that is about treating people with dignity and respect and about tapping into people’s potential whilst supporting them to realise they can be anything they want to be.”

Tressa Burke, Director, Glasgow Disability Alliance

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