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For over 30 years, The Pacific Institute® has been successfully helping individuals unlock their potential, and enabling organisations to transform their culture and improve business results. We are dedicated to creating a significant impact on the wellbeing, efficacy and leadership of the individuals, private and public sector organisations and communities we work with. In the UK alone we reach over 25,000 people per year with our education.

We have international offices in the USA, Australia, South Africa, Japan, China and Central America. Our education is translated into 14 languages. This enables us to have a truly global reach and to transform potential to performance at scale.

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“The Investment in Excellence Programme® is something I believe simply everyone would benefit from. In my organisation the Programme taught me to take this new knowledge and apply it practically to my work in the way of defining and working towards my goals, happiness and managing people more positively.”

Trudy Bailey, Programmes Manager, Capp (Centre for Applied Positive Psychology)

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